Lee Christopherson
            Lee has worked in glass and stone since the late 1990’s.  The shorelines, rivers and lakes of the Pacific Northwest, and “The Mountain”, Mount Rainier inspire his work.  His art is within the natural simplicity and beauty of the hand selected materials…ancient stone, handmade glass, and driftwood…which is enhanced, but not drastically altered from its original form.
            After nearly 25 years of a mixture of civilian and military service, Lee was injured in Iraq, which led to his retirement in 2004.  This provided the opportunity to focus on arts at which he excelled as a child but had to set aside during his professional career.
            Lee was born and raised in Seattle, Washington.  An avid ice hockey fan, mountaineer, skier and sailor, Lee and his wife Wendy live in Ashford, Washington at the foot of Mount Rainier.  This enables him to be closer to the mountain and the local community, which provides the inspiration for his artwork.