Rick Johnson

While working full-time as a chef in Seattle in the early 80's, Rick found himself spending most of his off-time photographing Pacific Northwest landscapes, being particularly drawn to Mount Rainier National Park.  After reading "A Year in Paradise" by Floyd Schmoe, Rick left Seattle and took a job as lead cook at "Longmire",  Mount Rainier's National Park Inn.  Shortly after this Rick met his future wife, Jana, during a climb of Mount Rainier.

After stints as a back-country ranger, firefighter and grocery store manager Rick came back to the arts (which led him to Rainier in the first place).  He joined his wife Jana in her pottery business and now does the majority of brush and design work on the ceramic pieces found in the Ashford Creek Gallery.  As time passed Rick found himself becoming a local historian and an ardent supporter of other local artists who display their works at "The Gallery". Additionally, Rick has a passion for books. In the bookstore portion of the gallery you'll find books on Northwest history, the arts, and mountaineering. You'll often find signed, rare and/or first editions on the shelves.

Rick and Jana live in Ashford, Washington at the foot of Mount Rainier with their daughter Cindy.  Rick is also a para-educator at the local Columbia Crest elementary school.