Teri Granger

Teri combines in her work a love of nature and years of experience backpacking, beachcombing, and desert walking.  A friend gave her some cast-off tubes of watercolor and a few brushes in 1996.  When paint hit paper, magic seemed to happen and this started her quest to share her love of nature…her awe and respect of nature…and to inspire these things in the hearts of others through her artwork.

Teri regards her painting as meditation, requiring discipline, observation, full concentration, and acute awareness.  These guide her through the ups and downs of painting…and of life.  She often begins a painting not knowing how she will achieve her vision, deciding how to start and then letting the process guide her.  Teri loves to paint outdoors, immersed in a natural setting and, through her paintings, seeks to communicate the tranquility and healing she finds there. Teri lives in the Ohop Valley near Eatonville, Washington.